Tuesday, August 22, 2017

August 8-Maple Grove Workshop 9-11:30a.m.

Adam Wallschlaeger– of Direct Link Consulting Adam Wallschlaeger is passionate about bringing energy and results to business and sales professionals by helping them hit targets and crush their goals. In today’s growing social media world, professionals NEED to know how to leverage LinkedIn and other...

How To Conduct A Job Interview

Whenever a topic about job interviews is discussed, there is a prevalent notion that job seekers are the ones who feel the most pressure; however,...
job interview

Sample Questions for a Job Interview to Prepare For

Finding a new job can be an exciting experience and be a great way to get closer to your personal and professional goals. However,...
businessman business woman

Characteristics Employers Look For In An Employee

Employers today are interested in potential employees with a combination of competitive characteristics. Some of the characteristics employers look for in an employee have to...
Corporate Culture Hierarchy

What Job Seekers Should Know About Types of Corporate Culture

As you chart your career path's rise, your understanding of the various types of corporate culture gains importance. Perhaps there were organizations in which you failed to...
Business Men Business Business Man

Weaknesses Employers Look For In An Employee

The question “What’s your greatest weakness?” has become so common in interview rooms that people have developed custom answers to tackle the issue beforehand. However,...
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