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Adam Wallschlaeger

Self Branding

Wallschlaeger, Adam Sit


There was a time, not all that long ago, when the word brand meant something similar to everyone.  When you think of branding you think of Ford, Nike, McDonald’s and Apple.  They are companies that represent products that we all know, like and trust.  They help define our image, and tell the world what we stand for.

These mega companies will likely always exist.  But even if the aforementioned companies fail, others will take their place.  But a new revolution is underway.  I like to call it the Self-Branding Revolution.

The first time this was presented to me, I was a deer in the headlights.  I seized the opportunity to sit down with a VP of the company I was working for.  I could sense that he knew something that was eluding me, and could tell he was on his way to bigger and better things.  He told me to immediately start building “Adam Inc.”  This, as I was told, was a process of building my skills, education, and experience.  I had a hard time wrapping my mind around this, because I was used to showing up at work, doing what was on my to do list, and then heading home.  In the past, building your skills, education and experience was what you did to boost your resume to GET the job you currently HAD.  Once you HAD it, you just lived your days awaiting your next pay raise right?

Flash forward 6 years.  We live in a whole new world.  Social media has given us an opportunity to brand ourselves.  Anyone, anywhere can quickly become a thought leader and even expert in any particular niche.  You don’t have to go back to college and spend 25K per year to do it.  Most of the resources you need are free, or very inexpensive.  You don’t have to spend 40+ hours at a dead end job.  You can now pick what you are passionate about in life, figure out a way to brand yourself and support the lifestyle you want to live.  But it all starts with the Self-Branding Revolution.  You are your own Ford, Nike, McDonald’s or Apple.  You can set up your own website, brand yourself on social media platforms, and automate a system that allows you to profit from your new skills, education and experiences.  It’s not easy, and there is a lot to learn, but life if so valuable and so short, we really can’t afford to waste any more time building someone else’s brand. It’s a brave new world!  Will you join the Self-Branding Revolution?


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