KimAileen White and JoAnne Funch – May 9 at You Can Get Hired in Maple Grove


The interview starts and the first thing you hear is, “Tell Me About Yourself”

And so it begins. Are you prepared to answer this question without going immediately into your past jobs and work activities? Where do you begin?

Who you are is so much more than what you do. KimAileen White’s goal is to help you gain a better understanding and be able to express that you know something about yourself as a “human being” rather than just a “human doing”.

KimAileen provides a fresh perspective on career development, job search and personal presentation based on basic business communications and sales principles. Be ready for a fast-paced, up-close-and-personal look at how to position yourself the day of the interview, and as you build your network.

KimAileen’s presentation includes an interactive exercise so be prepared to have some fun while learning one sales technique you can put immediately into action when you leave the workshop. Everyone is encouraged to bring a minimum of 10 business cards to the workshop for an interactive exercise.

“Job Search Success – Selling Who You Are to Prospective Employers”

  • Strategies for personal introductions
  • Making your handshake count
  • Who Are You?  One element of the mix
  • Expressing who you are verbally, and on LinkedIn

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JoAnne Funch of Marketing Dish and LinkedIn for Business

JoAnne has been in marketing and sales since 1993 and has owned her own business since 1996. She started in Southern California working with large customers such as the US Marine Corps, to hundreds of small business owners and individuals. In 2005 her life changed forever following the tragic death of her husband. After relocating to her hometown of Minneapolis, she focused her own business development on digital marketing. She embraced social media and continues in her passion to learn everything new in this fast changing environment.
Today, she helps her clients gain more exposure making a bigger impact in their market through both online and offline marketing strategies.
She is a teacher (who delivers confidence), she loves to share, motivate and empower you to build a you and a brand you love! She will be teaching the importance and value of using LinkedIn to it’s fullest for your Job Search.

“Your Guide to Leveraging LinkedIn for Professional Networking and Job Search!”

  • Facts about LinkedIn
  • This is your professional reputation!
  • Why a great profile is critical to your success
  • Importance of key words & skills
  • Writing a good Summary section
  • How to leverage your skills & expertise
  • Why you need to “Show Up”

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