5 Important Skills Needed In Today’s Job Market

Important Skills Needed In Today's Job Market

Today’s employers are hiring savvy and look beyond specific skills sets & specialized training. They understand that a big picture approach in their hiring results in stronger team members. Hiring managers want talent that have the expertise necessary to do their job, but they also want someone that is likable, works well with others, demonstrates problem-solving skills and communicates effectively.

Here are five important skills needed in today’s job market to get hired regardless of your area of focus.

Computer Skills

Even if your career path doesn’t require a background in using computers, basic computer literacy is an important skill that will help you get hired and help you grow in your job. As organizations become more and more dependent on technology, most environments have an expectation that candidates are comfortable using word processing, email, internet searches, spreadsheets, etc. You may even be required to apply online for positions. Regardless of your age or experience, being computer literate demonstrates that you are adaptable and that you recognize the vital role that technology plays in the everyday world.

Strong Communication Skills

If you are not able to clearly express yourself or make a business case in relation to your projects, being successful in your role may prove difficult. Whether you will communicate primarily via email or in person, you need to be able to make your points clearly, effectively, and with a good attitude.

Though you MAY be a guru in your specific area of expertise, being an effective communicator is an important skill that will help you get hired. How well you communicate with those around you plays a big part in not only how well liked you are, but how quickly and easily you avoid misunderstandings, resolve issues and get things done.

Problem-Solving Skills

Previous roles may not have required you to be trained to think in terms of the big picture or overall business objectives, but this is a skill that is becoming more and more advantageous. It’s very easy to have a narrow focus and only make decisions based on your role or the work you do, but if you are able to change your perspective and assess issues from an overall “what is good for the business” view, you will earn respect and become a more valuable resource.

Work on developing your problem-solving skills by observing processes related to your work and asking questions.

Being a Team Player

Gone are the days when certain employees were able to hide away and avoid encounters with the rest of the world. Being able to work well on a team relates back to good communication and being likable. Whether you are interacting with co-workers, clients, company partners or the public, if you play nicely in the sandbox, you’ll be a better fit in today’s job market. In business today, you may have to rely on others just as much as they have to rely on you. By respecting the work of others, developing a good rapport with those around you and bringing your specific skill set to the table, you can become a trusted adviser and collaborator, making the entire team more effective.

Emotional Intelligence

Hiring managers know that workers with higher emotional intelligence are better able to work in teams, adapt to change, and are more loyal. Studies also show that those who demonstrate higher “EI” are better performers and have greater mental health. Qualities that fall under emotional intelligence are self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and people skills.

In order to stand apart from other candidates vying for your dream job in today’s competitive job market, we suggest you work on strengthening these five skills that will help you get hired. Being able to demonstrate that you have the specific expertise needed for the position along with these sought after skills will position you as a well-rounded candidate!