Best Job Search Sites 2017

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The best job search sites of 2017 offer great assistance to job seekers, including current job openings and outstanding job search information.

The majority of job seekers no longer bury their head in the local newspaper classifieds or waits for the next career fair. Today’s job seekers understand the importance of searching online job search sites for the best jobs and crucial job search information.

Exploring job opportunities online does potentially present some issues. One issue with the seemingly endless job search sites is that an individual may easily become overwhelmed or confused while scouring through hundreds of job sites and job boards.

How do you determine which job sites are the best 2017 job search sites? The best job search sites provides current job openings in virtually any career field, provides relevant jobs based on your search criteria, lists up-to-date job openings with new positions posted daily along with job search and career advice to help with your job search.

This list of best 2017 job search sites provides exceptional information, whether you want to search for a job in your same career field, seek a more advanced career-oriented position, want to find your first job or change career fields completely.


Glassdoor tops the list as the best job search site for 2017 for a multitude of reasons. Some primary reasons include Glassdoor’s overall usability for job seekers at any level, along with the fact that users have the ability to search by job title, a specific company or location. Search for jobs on Glassdoor every day and discover that the site adds many new open jobs on a daily basis.

The content is fresh and provides job seekers the opportunity to learn about company culture, work responsibilities, salary and benefits. Discover information about interviewing for specific companies, and explore company profiles. Discover information such as reviews, salary reports and other inside information for specific companies. Learn about interview questions asked of other candidates at specific companies and organizations.

Glassdoor provides great tools for companies, allowing them to proudly and effectively market the company to current job seekers.


Search Indeed for a massive consolidation of the most recent job postings from multiple job boards and specific companies. Indeed also ranks among the best 2017 job search sites because the site provides information from thousands of websites, classified job listings and other sources. Job seekers upload a resume, receiving a personalized link to share, making initial contact with potential employers an easy process.

Employers post job openings free of charge, unlike many other sites that charge employers to post job openings, making Indeed a likely favorite among companies with job openings.


A powerful tool offered by CareerBuilder that places the site on the best job search sites of 2017 is the fact that CareerBuilder features a huge number of up-to-date job listings from across many different sites, direct from employers and through partnership with other sources. CareerBuilder, the largest online job search site in the country, provides job search information and career-related information to millions of job seekers.

Search for your dream job using specific search criteria, including job title, location or companies. You even have the opportunity to eliminate companies you do not want to see in your search results. Upload your resume, save specific job searches and learn invaluable information such as avoiding employment scams.


If you think having a LinkedIn presence does not matter, there is a chance you may miss out on your dream job. Quentin Fottrell, MarketWatch personal finance editor, points out that results from one survey indicate that 93 percent of hiring managers search LinkedIn for potential recruits.

Follow companies that you want to work for, customize your profile, join groups and participate in other activities to increase your chances of finding your ideal job.


Snagajob rounds out the best job search sites 2017. Focusing on hourly and part-time positions, Snagajob offers job seekers fitting these categories a number of outstanding resources to aid in job seeking efforts.

Browse current job listings, sign up for regular email job alerts and learn a number of helpful job seeking tips.