Characteristics Employers Look For In An Employee

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Employers today are interested in potential employees with a combination of competitive characteristics.

Some of the characteristics employers look for in an employee have to do with much more than just work experience- to thrive in a competitive job market, a job seeker must have foundational skills above and beyond a traditional skill set.

Here are some important characteristics employers look for in an employee:

An Effective Communicator

Communication is a soft skill every employer wants to see in their employees. Good communication entails effectively sending and receiving messages which are easy to perceive, listening skills, and the ability to provide feedback and follow directions. There should be fewer chances of miscommunication or misunderstanding involved.

The ability to communicate should be clear and effective verbally, by mail, on the phone, and with body language as well.

Strong Work Ethic

Employees should be able to reflect their hard work. Employees should be able to set high goals and respond well to set goals. Employees need to be at work on time, meet deadlines and targets and work to the best of their abilities. You should be able to adhere to the simple rules governing your work place.

Friendly, Positive Attitude

Employers want to deal with easy going people who can be successfully managed. Moreover, when you are friendly other employees can easily interact with you. Staff who fit it well with the current corporate culture are a gem to employers.

A positive attitude is infectious! It leads to more productivity and creates a better work environment for fellow employees.


This is where as an employee you can work effectively in situations that require the cooperation of others. It is also an instance where you fit into the firm’s corporate culture. Be the employee that employees and employer can get along with and works efficiently together as a team.

Leadership Qualities

Employers appreciate insightful employees who have a future for the organization. Your work place isn’t just an output zone but an input zone. You get to be molded to be a progressive thinker. There is room to progress and inject your winning formulas.
A leader accepts responsibility for results, takes charge, volunteers for assignments, geared towards high performance and is accountable. A leader looks for solutions rather than makes excuses.

Honesty and integrity

Integrity starts with being true to oneself. This by extension means you are honest with those around you. You should be willing to own up to both your strengths and weaknesses. You should also be willing to work on your weaknesses to avoid making them a hindrance. You should never bad-mouth your previous employer and current employer.


All employees are driven by the monetary gain, but the most sought after employees are those who enjoy their work as they do the reward. Passion helps realize a person’s potential and never runs out. A passionate employee impacts co-workers, clients, and managers.


Every organization is exposed to changes in business, technology, and other sectors. Employees need to be able to react as fast to changing business conditions. Employees need to be able to change gears and adapt fast, and be able to embrace change and have a willingness to acquire a new skill set. Adjusting company and individual goals comes with the territory.


Employers look for employees who can face challenging goals and deliver. They depend on an employee to keep moving forward despite the obstacles encountered. Competence is the ability to prioritize and to separate the relevant from the irrelevant tasks. It’s the ability to hold concentration single-mindedly until the completion of a job.

The enlisted characteristics employers look for in an employee define a good employee. Every employee does not necessarily have each and every one of them, but they can be nurtured over time. Be confident in the skills you already have, and be open to learning new skills and obtaining new characteristics employers look for in an employee.