What Do Employers Look For In An Interview?


Every interviewer has had experience with both good and bad candidates for job openings. This is the reason why they will know what to look for in a prospective employee during the interview session. As a candidate, you need to ask yourself the question; “what do employers look for in an interview?” and find appropriate answers to help you prepare for a great interview!

Here are some of the important things that all employers look for in prospective employees during an interview.


Your competence is one of the key determinants of a successful interview. Your competencies take a center-stage for everything that happens in your career. Do you have what it takes to get the job done? Most employers are looking at your ability to set priorities, to separate relevant tasks from irrelevant tasks and concentrate on the task at hand until it is done.

Emotional Intelligence

You may be wondering how emotional intelligence is connected to the job you applied for. Well, many interviewers are less interested in your IQ than your EQ. Some interviewers are of the view that a candidate can have high IQ but lack common sense and empathy.

High IQ isn’t always the most desired attribute of a prospective employee especially if it comes at the expense of common sense. Apart from impressing the interviewer with your high IQ, you should also be able to demonstrate a sense of personal responsibility.


Flexibility is one the top things that interviewers look for in an interview. An interviewer will ask you how you handled certain things in the past. The main aim of this question is to assess your ability to respond to new situations with ease and success.

You need to prepare your past job stories well, highlighting major things that you managed to improve or how you solved a particular work-related problem in the past. By doing so, you present a picture of someone who can quickly rise to the occasion when called upon.


Integrity is probably one of the major qualities that you will require for long-term success not only at your workplace but also in life. You should be willing to accept your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t put the blame on other people.

Interviewers will be looking for someone who can admit that they made certain mistakes in the past. Integrity is an ingredient for loyalty, and definitely, the employer is looking for loyal employees. The key secret here is that you should never say something negative about your previous employer or anyone you have worked for. Don’t be critical of your previous employer even if you were dismissed unfairly from your previous position.


Interviewers are looking for self-directed individuals. They want to hire someone who knows what they want, and they are willing to work for it. If your goal is to start your company, then you must demonstrate that you are committed to achieving your goal.

Employers are looking for go-getters who set their standards straight and won’t allow anything to come between them and their set goals.


Are you willing to take risks and accept new challenges? Most employers are looking for employees who are willing to take on big jobs or new challenges even when there is a high degree of doubt and the possibility of failure.

On the other hand, you should also be willing to speak up and express your ideas without any fear even when faced with difficult situations. Most employers admire employees who are not afraid to speak their minds.

Know Your Resume

Don’t make a mistake of attending an interview without looking at your resume over and over again. Interviewers don’t expect you to look at your resume when they ask you about something that appears in it, they will be looking for information about your work history or competencies to be put in your own words on the spot! Being able to communicate your skills is something employers look for in an interview, so practice until you don’t need your notes.