Getting A Job In Today’s Market

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Getting a job in today’s market is not formulaic; you need more than just professional skills and knowledge to land your dream job.

Are you fresh from school or possibly employed but looking to change your job in today’s competitive market? The following are a few crucial tips a job seeker needs to know.

Don’t Let “No” Discourage You

Different employers are looking for different attributes and skills. A ‘no’ only means you are not the best for the specific position and only at the moment. Find a way to leave your details with the company to potentially get direct alerts on new job posts.

Research Employers

Read a lot about the company and what it excels best in. Seek information on what is expected of the position you are interested in. Information on competitors and the market the company is in can come in handy during an interview. A thorough research on the potential employer organization is a positive step towards getting a job in today’s market.

Monitor Your Media Image

Some employers take their time to study their interviewees. They may decide to investigate your social media sites long before you get to the interview. Try as much as you can to clean your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram. If the social media account is for personal use, then you could use abbreviations and pseudonyms other than your real name to create these accounts. By doing so, it will not be easy to locate your accounts which may have a lot that employers may use to judge your character or professionalism.

Smart Online Search

Most organizations have their information on a website, and sometimes there is a career section where you can sign up, create a profile, and upload your resume for consideration when they get a job opening.

LinkedIn is a good example of a site where job seekers can find information about getting a job in today’s market, network with others, and research companies. First of all, create an account with honest details. The information you give on your LinkedIn account will act as your resume. Be sure to mention in your LinkedIn profile your education, skills, experience, achievements, and if you are currently employed or not. With an account, you can easily search for jobs you may be a good fit for. Better still, potential employers can visit your LinkedIn profile and if impressed they can contact you with a job offer or an interview invitation. You should also be able to get information of the right personnel to contact in the respective company or organization based on the job opportunities you find.

Avoid Assumptions

When filing your application forms there are two mistakes that you should try to avoid. Do not stuff your application with unnecessary information. Secondly, do not make assumptions that some information is basic and therefore, there is no need to have them filled. By doing any of the above you will only be giving the employer a reason to close your opportunity of getting a job in today’s market.

Be aggressive

The secret behind the people moving from one good job to a better one is the fact that they show how bad they want the job when there are a million other people looking for the same. Learn to meet new people often. If you are going to meet a friend for coffee, ask them to come with another friend. The more prospective people you know the more opportunities may come your way. Find more job openings and fill out the necessary applications to the best of your ability. Send personal letters to every official in the organization you think could help you get the position you have identified. Seek appointments with the respective persons and be there on time with hard copies of your resume and application letter.

With all the above considered, you can count on getting a job in today’s market no matter how crowded or competitive it may be.