Habits Bosses Hate

Mad Boss, Habits Bosses Hate

After spending so many hours building a resume and searching for a job, there are certain habits you don’t want to bring into your new work place. Everyone has poor habits sometimes, but not all of them will make your boss mad enough to fire you.

There is a certain way in which you are expected to conduct yourself at work, no matter what your personal and social life may look like. Failure to live up to this unspoken code will most likely lead to an early termination from your employer.

Here are some troublesome habits bosses hate- avoid them in the workplace and you’ll have a foundation for success.

Having a Lack of Manners

Manners are an important aspect of communication no matter your age or upbringing. When talking to customers, clients, co-workers or even upper management; you’ll always need to have a certain level of professionalism about you.

Being successful in life hinges on a variety of factors, of which having good manners is one of them.

Working Alone and Not Asking for Help

These are two separate mannerisms that eventually end up becoming one giant problem. Acting alone and not being a team player will lead to mistakes and errors on your part. No one is perfect and two sets of eyes are always than one.

Having the mentality of not wanting to deal with others will appear as being aloof or rude. Know when to put your pride aside and work well with others.

Being Late

Everyone is late once in a while, but being consistently late with an excuse as a tagline will put your employer in a state of rage. Tardiness is excused in many areas of our culture, but the workplace is not one of those places.

Excuses get old, and morale drops when you can’t get to work on time. The same goes for taking breaks and lunches. You can bet that your boss is adding up every minute you’ve been late and calculating all the work that didn’t get accomplished.

Being a Social Media Butterfly

Unless you’re in a marketing field, it’s unlikely that you will need to check Facebook and Twitter dozens of time throughout the day. This is especially true when you’re on the clock or using a company computer and IP address.

Spending massive amounts of time on social media can be viewed similarly to tardiness. You’re wasting company time and you’re not being as productive as you could be.

Brown Nosing

Kissing up, or buttering up to your boss is not a habit that will get you far in this life. Most employers can’t stand a brown-noser because they end up trying to please their boss in ways that don’t benefit the company.

This mannerism can also create a hostile work environment with the other employees, making it your boss’s headache and another fire they need to put out that shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

Email Communication

Texting is not the same as emailing. An email is a written form of communication similar to a snail mail letter. It’s not meant to be written in short hand, filled with emojis, and it requires a response.

Not being able to communicate properly through emails can leave customers angry, clients confused, and your boss ready to pull their hair out.

Being Negative

Negativity is the first red flag an employer looks for when a team or unit is not operating up to speed. It can spread like a virus and change mind-sets in a matter of minutes, throwing a well-oiled machine in a state of chaos.

Leave your issues and political thoughts behind when you’re at work. You are not only getting paid to do a job, but to do that job with a positive and willing attitude. Promoting a negative atmosphere will certainly lead to you being on your bosses hit list.