What Makes a Good Manager? – Inspirational Quotes


Managing a company or business is a very challenging task. However, great managers are made and not born, which means that everyone has a chance of becoming an effective manager.

What Makes a Good Manager?

It depends on your ability to nurture the best minds and ideas in your team and using them to drive the organization forward.

Here are some inspirational quotes about What Makes a Good Manager:

Before assuming the leadership, you define success by growing yourself. After you become a leader, success is determined by growing others. – Jack Welch

You lead people but manage things. – Admiral Grace Murray Hopper

Your first responsibility as a leader is defining reality. The last among many is to thank others. In between them, you become a servant. – Max DePree

Leadership is the capacity to rally women and men for a common goal and to possess a character that inspires confidence. – General Montgomery

Leadership involves lifting the visions of your team members to high sights, raising their performance to high standards and helping the overcome normal limitations when building their personality. – Peter Drucker

Aspire to be the leader that people can follow voluntarily even when you have no position or title. – Brian Tracy

The function of true leadership is to produce more leaders into the field and not more followers. – Ralph Nader

Being effective in leadership is not about making speeches and trying to get liked by others. It is defined by results and not these attributes. – Peter Drucker

Leadership is not about point fingers and telling people where to go. It is about going to the place you want everyone to reach and then making a case. – Ken Kesey

Men are the ones that make history. It is not the other way round. When there is no leadership in the society, it stands still. Progress only occurs where the skillful leaders who seize the opportunity to change everything for the better. –  Harry S Truman

Before people buy a vision, they buy a leader. –  John Maxwell.

The very core of leadership is to have a vision. This vision should be something can be articulated clearly and with force in all occasions. There is no way you can blow an uncertain trumpet. – Revered Theodore Hesburgh

Good management is an art. It is the art of making problems very interesting and solutions very constructive that everyone wants to join in and deal with the problems. – Paul Hawken

There are too many organizations that believe that people can be interchanged. However, truly talented people cannot be interchanged. These talents are unique. You cannot force such people into roles that they are not best suited to perform. Effective leaders are the ones that allow these great people to do that work that they were born to do without any limitations. – Warren G. Bennis

Talent multiplies. The more the attention and energy you put into it the greater the yield that comes from it. There, the amount of time that you spent on the very best is the most productive time that you have in your hands. – Marcus Buckingham

In all the cases, a good boss is all about hiring talented people and giving them space to do what they do best. – Tina Fey

A willing heart opens the door to several possibilities. If you have a willing heart, there are several things that you should do especially what is thought to be impossible. – DJ Kyos

It makes no sense to hire very smart people, and then be telling them what to do. We hire smart minds so that they can tell us what we need to do. – Steve Jobs

Do not put the blame on others. This will not make you any better person. – Lolly Daskal

Being a leader is not about status and power. It is about empowering others and giving service to them all. This is how you should measure leadership. –  Rasheed Ogunlaru

The key to being a successful leader is influencing others and not about exerting authority. – Kenneth Blanchard