Second Interview Attire

Necktie Interview Attire

The second interview with a company is just as important as the first.

When you are called for the second interview, it’s a clear indication that the employer is seriously considering hiring you. On the attire, consider the nature of your employer, that is if the company prefers casual or official dressing. The first interview should give you an idea on the employer’s preference.

Below is a second interview attire guide for both men and women depending on the type of interview.

Second Interview Attire for a Formal Interview

In a formal business interview, candidates should aspire to dress a notch higher what they would normally consider ideal or work. And of course, this means the job you’re interviewing for. Always go with a suit. While the suits never go out of fashion, do not attempt to go with the shiny trending suits. While the suits are perfectly acceptable in weddings and night clubs, they’re a big no for interviews.

Formal Interview Attire for Men

For men, sober colors (black, brown and gray) should be the prime choice. And for the material, cotton should be preferred over linen, even during the summer session- linen wrinkles and becomes crumpled easily. Black or brown shoes should be standard.
For the tie, keep away from garish patterns as they tend to distract the interviewer. A tie should ensemble the whole suit, and should ideally complement or match either the shirt or the trouser.

Formal Interview Attire for Women

Women have the option of going with a formal dress or trouser. With the dress, ensure that the hemline is no longer than two to four inches from the knee. Just like their male counterparts, color black, navy blue or brown is ideal.
Women might be tempted to include colors to their dress code, but they should resist going overboard. However, they can add a splash of color with a mono-colored scarf. And for the shoes, do not get too adventurous; avoid the toe-peeping shoes, and keep the heels at a sensible height.

Second Interview Attire for a Casual Interview

Even though a casual interview is a step down from the formal interview, it can be extremely challenging since the suits in the latter are standards. In a casual interview, you’ll have to ditch the suit. This does not mean that you are at liberty of showing up in jeans and flip-flops (you can save them for after landing the job). However, you are still required to look sharp, professional and polished.

Casual Interview Attire for Men

Even though jeans provide a resisting charm when worn with a fitting blazer, they ‘re an inappropriate wardrobe choice for a job interview. Men can opt for khakis, dress pants or slacks for the interview. Ensure that the pants fit snugly (neither pressing nor sagging), are clean and fit correctly. You can match the pants with a polo shirt or a pressed button-down shirt. It’s always an excellent idea to prefer long-sleeved shirts over the short sleeves.
You can then round up your appearance with a jacket that coordinates with your slacks and clean, polished shoes.

Casual Interview Attire for Women

A business casual wear for women includes tailored separates and pant suits. A formal jacket or blazer with a tailored pair of pants is a great point to start. For the dresses, women can choose a knee length skirt accompanied by an understated blouse. Avoid shimmery fabrics for any attire.

Just like the formal interview, avoid extremely high heeled stilettos, big chunky shoes, and platform heels. You can choose flat, or opened (but formal) shoe. The shoes are not only casual but give the candidate the impression of being confident and in control.

Your clothes should not form the center of the interview, and you should keep off from trendy and brightly-colored outfits. Regardless of the interview type, both men and women should keep off from the dirty and rugged jeans, t-shirts, and trainers.