Tips for Writing a Self-Assessment for a Performance Review

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During a formal review process, you may be asked to complete a self-assessment to help your employer figure out how you view your own performance. The self-assessment helps provide an open channel of communication on goals, expectations and performance. However, it can be very difficult to write a self-assessment, even when you know the work you have put in over the period and what goals you achieved.

Following some of these tips for writing a self-assessment will help you successfully complete your performance review!

Track Accomplishments

A self-assessment is much easier to complete if you have actual data to back it up. If you know that a self-evaluation will be in your future, just spend a minute each day writing down an accomplishment, a metric hit or feedback received. By the time you have to work on your assessment you will have way more data than necessary to complete it since you can refer back to your notes. It will be a good idea to include some of the positive feedback you received into the assessment. This takes the guesswork out of successes and failures and you should have plenty of data to back up your hard work.

Be Proud of Accomplishments

One of the main goals is to highlight your accomplishments, so during the self-evaluation it’s important to emphasize how the accomplishments had an impact on the business. It’s important to show how valuable your work is to the company, so it’s best if accomplishments can be in line with business objectives.

Honesty is Best

More than likely your boss knows what was accomplished during the time period, so if you try to highlight a project that wasn’t that great, they already know and it won’t have a good impact on your self-assessment. While being honest, you can highlight areas that need improvement. This is where you should use “developmental language.” Mention areas you want to work on, what you have learned from working on a project that didn’t go so well and ways that you should move forward to not repeat the same mistakes.

Ask for Training

While doing your self evaluation, if you come across areas that you need to work on ask for training and have a plan to get the training you need. Now is the perfect time to put in the request because you will have data on why this training will benefit your work.

Be Professional

It’s important that you remain professional when completing your assessment. This isn’t the time to bash someone else for poor leaderships skills or criticize other co-workers for not doing their part in a project. The assessment should be about you and not just a project where someone else didn’t pull their share or made your job more difficult.

Take Your Time

You should take the time to fill out your self-assessment carefully. Just like another project you may have to complete at work, your self-evaluation requires time to be something that you are proud of. You should be proud of the work you have completed throughout the year and that should reflect on your self-assessment. Make sure you use well thought out examples to back up your claims instead of just a bulleted list that looks thrown together. Take the time to spell check and grammar check the documents. The self-assessment will show how seriously you take the process and how important it is to you.

Ask for Guidance and Mentoring

Having an open dialogue with you manager will make the self-assessment easier. There are some managers who think that if they have anything bad to say about the employee then the employee isn’t doing a good job, but it’s important to receive regular feedback. If you aren’t receiving feedback then it may be not be right place for you to continue to grow in your career.

Self-evaluations don’t have to be scary things and, in fact, they can be a good way for you and your manager to get on the same page. If the views of the manager and your views on your self-assessment are very different, that indicates a problem with communication and it is something that should be worked on.