How Is Today’s Job Market Different From 10 years ago?

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Over time the job market has evolved to include many new and different challenges than it did 10 years ago. Employers now have a different criteria for the kind of employees they need, terms of employment, the process of getting a job, and even interviews have changed keno bclc winning numbers.

See how today’s job market has changed in the last 10 years.

Interview Methods

Research shows that video interviews have risen up to 29.8% to date. With the growth of technology and its deployment in all aspects of life, the job market has also adopted technology to maximize growth. Whether it is a busy schedule or convenience of the video interviews, we will never know. Get ready to deliver not just a face to face performance but a worthy video performance in an interview keno play now.

Screening Processes Are More Formidable

Getting a job has never been easy, but screening processes have intensified in the last 10 years bclc com keno winning numbers.

  •    Background checks have increased to 42 percent
  •    Drug tests usage has risen to 23 percent
  •    Skill test usage has risen to 23 percent
  •    Personality tests have increased to 18 percent.

Job seekers should expect to face a tougher screening process to verify skills and make sure it is a good cultural fit bc lotto keno.

Flexible Labor Trumps Permanent Jobs

bc lotto keno Over the past 10 years, companies have become more reliant on flexible labor such as casual employees, temporary employees, part-timers and virtual employees. This means that finding a full time in-office job will be harder. Job seekers should adjust their expectations and be more willing to take up temporary and contractual jobs.

Rise Of Social Platforms As Hiring Platforms

Ten years ago, Facebook was just another social platform for college students and graduates to stay connected. Twitter was just getting its roots into society and some still could not guess how to pronounce the hashtag. Now, Twitter and Facebook feeds are crammed not with communications between friends but with current events, business trends and job openings. keno live bc Job seekers have the immense power to conduct research, track down jobs and connect with employers using these social platforms

The Job Market Is More Personalized

bc keno Job seekers no longer walk around with their curriculum vitae’s mailing them to hundreds of offices anymore. The job search has become more personalized. Acquiring a job today is based on building relationships and networking with employers and communities. This personalized effect to the job market has introduced more hires in the last 10 years. Networking offers more quality applicants viable for hire since employers connect with them before the actual interviews.

Job Seekers Are Growing More Tenacious

Previously, applicants had to show off their talents in the hope of a job position. Today, the tables have turned. Employers are now competing to draw the best talent from the crowd of hungry job seekers. Potential employees now know what they want and they ask for it in terms of salaries and benefits. This power dynamic makes it necessary for companies to be transparent with their offers of salaries, benefits and company cultures. This helps a company find the right person for the job and the company

Evolution Of The Job Board

how to play keno lotto Unlike a decade ago, the long list of links through which a job seeker had to go through has been replaced by better platforms that match job seekers and employers. The match-making is based on skill set and mutual alignment. There are many job boards and social media recruiters to engage with to capture the right person for the job. Niche platforms have been proven to be more effective in hiring.

Job seekers and employers need to use these contemporary changes to their advantage by learning to embrace them positively. Technology is a tool that should be widely deployed and used to ease job hunting as well as hiring.