Most Important Qualities in a New Employer

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While much of the limelight has been shifted towards the qualities and skills of an employee, little has been done with regards on what look for in an employer, despite the fact that it’s equally important to both the organization and the employees.

Top employers should have the ability to bring the best out of their employees. They should have a concrete vision of their careers to inspire confidence in new employees.

Here is a breakdown on the top qualities that any employee should always look after in pursuit of a better employer.

Career Development & Potential for Growth

One of the best ways of learning about any organization is finding out how they prepare their employees for the future. When an organization intends growth and development, it needs people who can be moved up to the ranks. The people needed are those that are already trained and have the competence of handling responsibilities.

Career development is a key motivator for candidates committing to an employer. It facilitates the growth, development of a candidate in a holistic manner-both as a person and professionally. According to a Deloitte study (2014), most of the job seekers want to engage with an organization that can invest meaningfully in their employees.

Organization’s Culture & Work Environment

A good employer should be conscious of the general environment they operate in and should not be self-centered.  The employer should cultivate a healthy culture within all the team members. An employer should not only be result-driven to accomplish the organization`s monetary needs; they should aim at accomplishing all their missions comprehensively and holistically. This includes giving back to the community, engaging in charity programs and even helping their team members when faced with challenges. A survey by Deloitte indicates that most employees are looking for an employee who makes a difference in the world.

When you see or read some of the high-profile start-ups like Facebook or Google, what is one common thing about their work space? One spectacular thing is that they’ve created a fun and enjoyable atmosphere of creativity and looseness. Creating a positive and healthy environment provides a fun way of employee’s interaction while encouraging creativity in the company.

Strong Leadership

Leadership is an invaluable characteristic that often gets overlooked by potential employers. Having a leader or an individual who can mentor, instruct, advise, show the right direction and even encourage, can go a long way in cultivating a healthy and vibrant culture in any organization. Additionally, candidates may look up to the leadership for inspiration and might be inclined to take a job offer from the organization.


No candidate wants to work for an organization that does not register profits. Even though the term ‘job security’ has become a cliché, employees aim at finding an employee who can guarantee them a job even during the economic recession. One sign of an employee with a sustainable organization is one who steadily hires and fires employees. This makes the employees understand that they have to let some of the workers go, but an organization with a history of layoff is a total turn-off to most employees.

Work-life balance

A good employer understands that there’s more to meeting targets, building a reputation, and being the industry leader. Job candidates often prefer employers who afford their employees to has meaningful lives outside the office. An employer should not overload his employee with responsibilities and jobs that clutter their personal affairs. An employer should be well aware of their employee’s other significant affairs such as families, relationships, and other roles outside the organization.