Sample Second Round Interview Questions

second interview

The employee recruitment process might vary from organization to organization. While many of them prefer to get done with the whole procedure quickly and preferably in a single setting, others might want to take time before making a final decision. They will interview a candidate several times if needed.

This layered interview procedure is designed to bring out the best from the candidates, and gauge their suitability for the advertised post.

While you were asked about your previous experiences and specific skill sets on the first interview, during the second interview, the interviewer would go into bit more details, and try to measure whether you fit the position you are vying for. The question patterns and the desired answers will be quite different this time around. Be prepared for a whole new experience!

What The Interviewer Will Assess

They will ask candidates specific questions that might provide insight to the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

Questions might be –

  • Competency based
  • Problem-solving questions
  • Technical in nature

Furthermore, your interviewer would ask questions on your preparedness regarding working within a team. If you fail to collaborate with other team members, your boss might be looking at a substantial loss.

So, in this interview session, your prospective employer might evaluate your –

  • Soft skills
  • Motivational level and behavioral pattern
  • Emotional intelligence

Sample Second Round Interview Questions

Did any questions cross your mind since our last meeting?

You would not want to start off a new interview by saying “no. not at all.” Rather your interviewer would want to see if you have thought about the position after the first interview. So, it is always better to get prepared a few questions in case your interviewer asks any. In that case, you can start with a bang.

What would you have done if you were asked to ….?

Employers will not ask you simple questions anymore. Get ready for problem-solving or scenario type questions. They will present you with a hypothetical scenario related to your post within the organization, and you will be asked to provide a solution. If you are really experienced enough, and you deserve the post, then you can explain the probable solutions of the case scenario to your interviewer. Furthermore, your interviewer might ask about any good or bad experience at your previous workplace and want to know how you handled them. Remember, you should not be too negative about your previous workplace and coworkers. It will not bode well with your future employer. Rather concentrate you speech on what you learned from critical situations or disagreements.

What do you make of our corporate culture from initial exposure?

Here you interviewer is directly asking for your opinion on the organization. Most people come up with a rather generic reply for this question. Generic answers do not impress the interviewer, as they might have heard this exact reply from thousand other candidates in the past. Why not try something new and informative? Go through their mission and vision, and do a web search on the company, the products they offer, and previous dealings with other companies. You will have a gross idea about the company. So, just rephrase that information, and you are good to go.

Your qualifications seem to be much higher than expected. Would you find this position challenging?

This is the most common and the trickiest question of them all. Make sure you have an answer ready for this specific question before facing the interview board. They will try to unsettle you by asking these random questions. Do not panic! Just thank them for their question, take a deep breath, and explain to them how working with their organization would enhance your reputation and skill sets. Also, remind them that no job is demeaning. You can always learn something new by working on different jobs.