The Best High-Paying Part Time Jobs


Finding a part-time job that keeps your bills paid can feel like  a tall order, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there. Perhaps you need to fill a gap between full-time work, or you’re looking to move on to a new career and need to get more experience before going full-time. No matter what your reason is, here are some of the best part-time jobs for making money in the meantime. 

Being able to speak multiple languages means you can potentially be employed as an Interpreter. Interpreter jobs for medical or legal services can be sources of steady work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the mean hourly wage for an interpreter is $24.64 an hour. 

Working as a Tutor can be a lucrative side hustle, earning qualified candidates upwards of $20 an hour. If you have strong knowledge of a particular subject, such as science or math, you should consider leveraging those skills into part-time cash.

A related option is part-time work as a Test Prep Instructor, someone who prepares students to take a variety of standardized tests, including the LSAT, GRE, MCAT, SAT, GMAT, and ACT. Qualifying for these positions can mean taking whichever  standardize test  you want to teach as a sample for your prospective employer. 

Web Developers can make around a whopping $31 an hour, designing websites, checking computer code for bugs, and other programming duties. 

Lots of people love to shop, so why not get paid for it? Being someone’s Personal Shopper involves picking out the best gifts for whoever is employing you. Those with an interest in combining their job as a personal shopper with being a stylist can conceivably pick up the necessary skills from working in a department store, or at a boutique. 

Working part-time as a Personal Chef can be a good source of supplemental income, as you prepare nightly meals or frozen premade dinners for clients. Another food-centric part-time gig includes catering large events, sometimes on weekends or after-hours. 

Travel Agent is another enticing part-time career choice, as you get to book vacations and get paid at the same time! Getting paid on commission means that you can potentially earn upwards of $50k a year. 

Deliver the mail make some bucks at the same time as a Mail Carrier, who usually only work around 20 hours a week, and can make around $19 an hour. 

Entrepreneurial types can start their own business as a Private Fitness Instructor. Once you’ve acquired a pilates or yoga license, you can teach clients from your home, and charge your own rate.

Being a Waiter or Waitress will not only get you around $10 an hour, but you can earn a lucrative amount of tips on a busy night.

Nail Technicians also earn about $10 an hour, and can begin working after completing a cosmetology program.

Taxi Drivers usually earn about $11 an hour, and you can receive tips from customers to boost your wages. 

Help people relax and unwind, all while make an average of $18 an hour as a Massage Therapist

Those with sales-savvy can work with businesses selling them good and other services, all while making around $27 an hour as a Sales Representative. On top of this high hourly wage, commissions are available. 

You can leverage the Internet and e-Commerce opportunities by becoming a Small Business Owner and selling goods through websites like Etsy. Those talented in arts and crafts can financially benefit by creating goods for others to enjoy. If you’re successful enough, you can consider going full-time and living the dream of being financially independent of your own business.