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What can I expect at the Workshop?

You can expect to get some great FREE advice on finding a job in today’s market, meet some wonderful new connections, network with fellow job seekers as well as be encouraged to keep going.

Who else is going to be there?

The people who come to our workshops are job seekers as well as some employers looking to hire.

What will I learn?

We focus on five major areas: Using social media for the job search, resumes, interviews, staying motivated.

What is dress code?

Come dressed to meet your next employer! All though we may not always have potential employers in an official presence, there seem to always be come in the crowd.

Should I bring my resume/ cover letter?

Always be prepared, absolutely!

Will the workshhop change dates?

We always have our workshops on a Tuesday from 9-11:30. We have our dates set for the year ahead so you can check our calendar for specific dates. If you have registered and the workshop needs to change for some reason, we will use your information that you filled out upon registration to contact you to let you know of the change.

What happens in inclement weather?

Unless the school district in Maple Grove, MN closes or the roads are closed, our workshop will continue! We understand that this is Minnesota and the weather doesn’t always cooperate so keep the faith on your drive, we’ll be there when you arrive.

Can I bring food or water?

Absolutely. We provide water and coffee. There are vending machines with soda and munchies available at the community center as well.