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NOW look who’s coming to “You Can Get Hired!” Join us at our next Get Hired Event — Tuesday April 4th, 2017 from 9:00am to 11:30am in Maple Grove

Valuable networking opportunities with the Twin Cities’ hottest employment experts, and a chance to get your toughest job-search questions answered if you pre-register today. Attendance for these events is limited to room size and we always fill up. Don’t wait, register today and save yourself a seat.

Eventbrite - 04/4/17 You Can Get Hired! - Joanne Meehl & Gracie Miller

*Career Coach Joanne Meehl Reveals to YCGH attendees the networking secrets she usually saves for clients only*

Joanne Meehl Career Services, Job Search Queen and Resume Queen talks about “Elegant Networking”

All kinds of career and job search experts tell those of you in job search to “network, network, network”. But we don’t tell you how! Old rules say “give your resume to everyone”. Joanne disagrees, and instead talks about connecting human-to-human in an elegant way that honors relationship over “what can I get?”. She will reveal some tips and methods and, “the right words to use” that she usually reserves only for her clients. Afterwards, you will know how to elegantly GET the networking appointment, what to DO during that appointment, and what to do AFTER the appointment so that both you AND your contact win!

So what is it? And how to do it in an elegant way so that you will not be forgotten? Register now and come to this session so you can learn how to make your networking COUNT and land your next great job!

Elegant Networking

  • HOW to make the right appointments with the right people in your network
  • How to create your credibility with them around what you can DO
  • How to continue to touch base with them so they don’t forget you
  • How to best “use” your network
  • Be comfortable being yourself as you job search, not faking it as “someone else”
  • Get amazing results

Eventbrite - 04/4/17 You Can Get Hired! - Joanne Meehl & Gracie Miller

New to You Can Get Hired in 2017

Gracie Miller

Career Clarity Now…is a dynamic 40-minute creative Master Class. You WILL walk away with greater clarity about not only what you want to do, but how to do it.


By rolling our passions and skills together and taking an honest look at our deal breakers, we come to creative career options you never would have considered otherwise. You will receive a complimentary guide to go along with the workshop titled “4 Steps to Creative Clarity” that is yours to keep.

What are YOU on Earth to do?

Struggling to come up with a career that uses all of your passions, skills and experience?

Get ready to identify and create a career you will love!

Join Gracie on April 4th and she will impart

“4 Steps to Creative Clarity”

  • Identify your Greatest Passions
  • Identify your Marketable Skills
  • Identify Professional Dealbreakers.
  • Then, Roll your passions and skills into creative career options
  • Create SMART goals around those options and
  • Break down goals into manageable steps to get into your new career or business.

Get ready, because change is coming! Register now-you won’t want to miss all that Gracie has to offer, and at no cost to you for this 3 hour workshop!

Eventbrite - 04/4/17 You Can Get Hired! - Joanne Meehl & Gracie Miller

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Highlighting Your Value on Your Resume

If you are working on your resume, it is important to position yourself as if you were reading it from the employer perspective. Instead of thinking, “What can this job do for my career?” – think more about “What can I possibly bring to this employer?” It is the answers to the second question that will help you align your skill-set with the needs of the potential job opening.Tell Me About Yourself

First, include several job titles or skill-sets at the top of the resume (immediately after the heading). For an administrative position, the headings could be something similar to Customer Service Expert | Administrative Oversight | Office Management. If someone is in accounting, they may want to use a heading such as Accounts Payable and Receivable | Financial Management.

Next, be sure to include a career summary. This is a three to five line section at the top of your resume (immediately after the job titles and heading) that describes your career from a high overview perspective. This section should include key words from the advertisement, a list of some of your past experiences, and the diverse skill-sets that you can bring to the employer.

Then, include a section that discusses Core Competencies or Areas of Expertise. This section can be modified for each job opportunity and should include skills that are listed in the job posting. Items like Leadership, Communication, Detail-Orientation, Decision-Making, and Time Management skills can be included here. This section is critical to making it through the Applicant Tracking System or ATS. Many companies utilize this computerized scanning system to go through resumes and put them into a ‘yes’ pile or a ‘no’ pile. If you don’t have the appropriate key words listed on your document, you can say ‘goodbye’ to your chances of an interview.

Finally, under Work Experience or Professional History, ensure you can back-up your claims. Rather than stating you have marketing skills, state the dollar amount of the budget you managed. If you increased sales during your tenure with an organization, list the percentage that sales increased by each year. Quantitative information is a key to relaying the relevant information when applying for a new position.

The bottom line is to be as specific as possible with your information, ensure you read and re-read the job posting to verify you are using the right key words, and include all appropriate sections within your document. If you have any questions on what should or should not be included, feel free to contact us today!


Dr. Heather Rothbauer-Wanish will be a featured speaker for our May 17th Free You Can Get Hired Workshop from 9-11:30 a.m. at the Maple Grove Community Center. Register today and reserve a ticket to talk to Heather about your Resume! Click the button to register now.

Eventbrite - 5/17/16 You Can Get Hired! - Dr Heather Rothbauer-Wanish and JoAnne Funch

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You can’t possibly know it all. Even if you’re an expert in a certain area, there will inevitably be times when you don’t know the answer. That’s OKAY.

In our modern, information-at-our-fingertips world, we might feel pressured to know anything and everything. Think about all the content you consume on a daily basis, whether through television, social media, news articles, surfing the web, or face-to-face interactions. The amount of data we’re exposed to on a regular basis is overwhelming and can also lead to unrealistic expectations from others. “Didn’t you see that article,” someone might say. Or “didn’t you hear about x, y, and z?”

It takes courage to admit when you don’t know something, but it’s much better than faking your way through a conversation. The next time someone quizzes you about a news story you haven’t read or a social media trend you haven’t heard of, speak up. Let her know that you don’t know enough about the topic to form an opinion, but you would like to hear her thoughts on it. Then, listen. Learn.

In a different context, think about job interviews. If the interviewer asks you a straightforward question such as, “Do you know how to use Adobe Photoshop,” don’t fudge your answer. Be forthright with your response. For example: “No, I’ve never used Adobe Photoshop, but I have experience with other design programs, such as Inkscape. I’ve found that I am a quick learner and pick up on new systems quickly. I am also not afraid of technology and would be happy to take a class on Adobe Photoshop if I am hired.”

This response not only shows a willingness to learn, it also conveys honesty and transparency. These are traits that companies often look for in job candidates.

Furthermore, if you admit that you don’t know something (to yourself and others), this opens up an opportunity to learn and grow. Explore the unknown subject and add something new to your knowledge bank.

Remember, you CAN’T know it all. It’s fine to admit to others when you don’t have the answer. This isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of integrity and candor.


Used with permission.

Margaret will be a guest speaker for the April 5th You Can Get Hired workshop from 9-11:30. Register Here!

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Originally Posted January 25th, 2016 @ 04:01pm by: Joanne Meehl

handshake_closeupAfter many years in the job search field, and almost 13 on my own, I have seen many things from candidates that work wonderfully in their searches.

And things that they put in their way.

One unnecessary hurdle is hiding an old entry-level job because the candidate believes it wasn’t that long ago so it shows them as too inexperienced for the next step in their career. I’ve seen this from senior managers ready to be a Director, or Directors ready to be VPs.

This is not wise. First, everyone knows you started somewhere in your career. But when you leave out “the first step”, smushing your earlier Specialist job into the later Manager role, you are hiding one key thing about yourself: that you were promoted and have had a meteoric rise. That’s what is outstanding about you! So why hide it?

If you’re doing so because you think you don’t have the room to give many details about the job, don’t worry: you needn’t add much material there. It’s in the next job listed that you say, “Promoted to this management role based on outstanding performance in my work as Specialist”. Adjust that statement for your level and you will then be communicating to your reader — of your resume or LinkedIn — a wonderful achievement.

Recruiters in particular like to see your career path until now. They want to see where you started and what you’ve done since; the decisions you’ve made and the successes you’ve had. And little speaks more of success than being selected by your senior management to handle more tasks and people: a promotion.


Joanne Meehl, Guest speaker for You Can Get Hired on April 5th, 2016 from 9-11:30 a.m.  Register Here!

Used with permission

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Come and join the largest Supported Employment Services (SES) provider in Hennepin County.

We are seeking an enthusiastic and independent professional on our management team!

Job Summary

We are seeking enthusiastic and independent professionals providing vocational services to adults with developmental disabilities. This great opportunity includes case management, career counseling, job development and job seeking skills training at community based work sites. We offer competitive compensation and flexible schedule. 

Job Qualifications

High School Diploma, with previous work experience and passion for working with developmentally disabled adults.We encourage those with an AA degree in related field to apply. Must have a driver’s license, a valid auto insurance and a reliable vehicle to perform job duties. Must pass DHS background check.

Salary & Benefits

The starting pay for this position is $14.00/hr.  Performance pay increase after 90 days service, plus substantial BONUS potential, Profit Sharing Plan, PTO ( earn up to 4 weeks ), full service cell phone provided, mileage and expense reimbursement, semi-flexible hours, and opportunity to advance within the company.

This is a full time position. Work is performed in the Hennepin, Ramsey, and Dakota County area. Employees are able to make their own schedule, based on the needs of the client. . To be considered for this position, please submit your resume to tmeyer@ppmninc.com

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Our company provides supported employment services for adults with disabilities.  We are looking for individuals who are passionate about helping others!  We offer PTO, expense reimbursement (including gas), flex-time schedule, and company cell phones.
We are currently hiring for two Job Coaches in the Plymouth area.  Job Coaches assist with retention, problem solving, and advocacy in the workplace for our clients.  If someone is retired or semi-retired, we are willing to make a case load part time, if desired.

Come and join the largest Supported Employment Services (SES) provider in Hennepin County.

We are seeking an enthusiastic and independent professional on our management team!

Job Summary

We are seeking an independent professional providing vocational service to adults with developmental disabilities. This great opportunity includes case management, career counseling, job training, coaching and monitoring services at community based work sites. We offer competitive compensation, and flexible schedule.

Job Qualifications

High School Diploma, with previous work experience and passion for working with developmentally disabled adults. We encourage those with an AA degree in related field to apply. Must have a driver’s license, a valid auto insurance and a reliable vehicle to perform job duties. Must pass DHS background check.

Salary & Benefits

The Salary range for this position starts at $12.00/hr, performance based pay increase at 90 day and annually, plus BONUS potential, Profit Sharing Retirement Plan, PTO ( earn up to 4 weeks ), full service cell phone provided, mileage and expense reimbursement, flex time hours, and opportunity to advance within the company

This is a full time exempt position. The work is performed in the north metro/western suburb area Employees are able to make their own schedule, based on the needs of the client. To be considered for this position, please submit your resume to tmeyer@ppmninc.com

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Lions Share Maintenance is looking for a entry level Window Cleaner and Pressure Washing Technician.

All of our uniformed crews leave from our facility in Little Canada, in company trucks, with company provided tools needed to get the jobs done.

They travel all over the Twin Cities Metro Area cleaning windows and gutters at residential customers’ homes inside and out as well as large multi-unit buildings and associations.

– Traveling with a coworker – window/gutter cleaner in company trucks to customers’ homes and commercial properties. No storefront routes. All commercial work is large scale.
– Cleaning windows in a safe and professional manner according to the techniques learned during training.

No High Rise. We do not “Drop” from buildings

– Following instructions given by office manager
– Relaying all job related issues to the office manager
– Keeping your coworker on task and getting jobs completed on time and to company quality standard

– 18 years or older
– Able to start by 7:00AM if needed
– Able to work MondayFriday
– Manual Dexterity
– Required to kneel, reach, climb and balance
– Fearless of heights. Ladder work is a necessity. Must feel comfortable on 24′ and 32′ ladders.
– Have a clean driving record
– Able to lift 50-60lbs
– Previous window cleaning experience or crew leading / crew manager experience is a plus

The starting pay rate for this position is $12.00 – 20.00 per hour depending on experience. Quality technicians have the ability to grow and move up in pay scale quickly.


Lions Share Maintenance is a full service exterior maintenance cleaning company. We service over 200 HOA/ CIC multi-unit properties as well as over 2000 residential clients every year.

Our customer service is second to none. We use the newest and the most advanced professional tools and techniques to get the job done.


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Join the Grace Family www.gracehospicecaring.org


If you are seeking a career that puts you in a position to change the world, one life at a time, you have come to the right place.

At Grace Hospice we offer professional care with a personal touch by focusing on the patients and families, not the disease, while emphasizing quality of life and dignity.  We have built our nonprofit Hospice Agency by going back to the original roots of hospice care reach in spiritual, emotional and physical care for those at their end of life.  We are an equal opportunity, drug free organization striving for excellence while offering competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits.

Position Summary: The RN organizes and directs hospice care to patients with a terminal diagnosis needing hospice services in their home or community setting. The RN provides case management, admission facilitation, clinical support, continuous care, after hours call, and/or other skilled nursing expertise with end-of-life care.

Job Requirements

  • Displays an attitude of courtesy and respect for all prospective patients, families, staff and referral sources
  • Functions as a team member with other staff in the performance of duties.
  • Seeks and accepts feedback regarding the performance of job duties.
  • Is aware of patient confidentiality and adheres to HIPPA regulations.
  • Displays an understanding of vulnerable adult issues.
  • Displays an understanding of hospice patients’ rights.
  • Exhibits sound mature judgment.
  • Patient Care Delivery


  • Graduate of accredited school of nursing
  • Current state of Minnesota RN licensure
  • Three years recent nursing experience in acute, long-term care or home care/hospice/public health
  • Patient care planning and patient teaching skills
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Critical thinker
  • Current Minnesota driver’s license, insurance and daily access to reliable vehicle
  • Computer literacy

Click Here to Apply

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Four simple tips to help you land a great job

(BPT) – Whether you’re just graduating and entering the job market for the first time or you’re changing careers, job searching is never easy. And if you’re among the more than 1.5 million college grads looking for work this year, you will need to work smarter to stand above the crowd and land that dream job or internship. In today’s high-tech society, many potential employers are turning to social media to learn more about you.

“Before you even walk through the door for your first interview, it is highly likely the person waiting on the other side has seen more than just your resume,” says Lauren Berger, CEO of InternQueen.com. “The way you present yourself online speaks volumes to hiring managers about your tech savvy and comfort level with social media – both critical skills demanded by virtually every employer.”

With technology playing an established role in our lives and social networks easily accessible to potential employers, establishing a strong “digital footprint” and personal brand is crucial to success. So how can you use technology to land that first job and make the best first impression?

Here are some top tech tools and social media tips for landing your dream job:

* Get organized. While it may seem like a minor detail, one of the first things you should do is get a professional email address. The college email or cutesy address you created back in high school won’t impress a job recruiter. Outlook.com is free and easy to use, allowing you to quickly get organized so you never miss an important message from a potential employer. With tools like Sweep to help you filter and sort emails, you no longer need to worry about daily deals or newsletters junking up your main inbox. Windows 8 also lets you pin your favorite career websites to your Start screen, with live tiles that show your latest emails and appointments in real time and other apps to help you stay connected to your networks.-

* Leverage your networks and set informational interviews. Make a target list of employers you’d like to work for and do some research about them using sites like LinkedIn, identifying one executive from each company that you’d like to meet. Try to find alumni from your school or other acquaintances who work there. Reach out to them, explain that you’ve just graduated, and ask if they will take five minutes to sit down and tell you how they got started and give you some advice.

* Put your best “digital foot” forward.- You have one chance to make a first impression – make sure it’s a good one. This means not only dressing professionally, but using your style (both online and off) to demonstrate your personal interests. Building your personal brand and establishing relationships within the industry will help open doors to opportunities you may not have discovered otherwise. Make sure that your online presence is up-to-date and also reflects your best attributes. This includes maintaining consistent resume and work experience information across your networks, to build familiarity among possible recruiters.

* Lead with your strengths.- Ask your friends and previous employers what your strengths are, and use specific examples during your interview to highlight them. You can also use this opportunity to demonstrate your experience with technology. If you are consistently told how well-organized you are, share a previous work experience that demonstrates how you used technology and what value this brings to the employer. Consider upgrading to a new Windows 8 PC and bringing it to the interview to show off your portfolio of work. This instantly demonstrates you’re on the cutting edge of new technology – a value for any employer.

With the influx of graduates in the job market this year, these seemingly simple tips can help you stand out from the crowd and boost your chances of finding that great job. Visit the Windows Blog for more information and helpful tech tips.